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Arvato CRM Turkey provides tailor made solutions that drive innovation, ROI, and above all, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer Journey Design solutions for the digital consumer are becoming increasingly important. Your customers are connecting with you in more ways than ever before. But do you know which channels they would like to use?

The reality is that the funnel has flipped. What used to be a one-way-in scenario, via phone, has now broadened to include email, chat, social channels, smart phones and more. And brands must be prepared to handle it all. Arvato CRM Turkey handles all channels for your brand in the most effective way while adding value to every customer interaction.

While more and more customers are appreciating the speed and efficiency of finding answers online versus calling, those who do call need a higher level of engagement. These calls can strengthen loyalty and increase upsell opportunities, as well as aid retention.

Arvato CRM Turkey adds value to our clients’ Inbound and Outbound calls for loyalty programs, account inquiries, billing inquiries, customer care and customer relations, complaint and issue resolution, order management and back-office management.

These solutions can also be supported by Digital Workforce solutions with a hybrid robotic automation model including human touch and can be optimized by our Business Insights and Customer Experience (CX) Consultancy.

  • Loyalty programs
  • Account inquiries
  • Billing inquiries
  • Customer care &customer relations
  • Complaint & issue resolution
  • Order management
  • Back-office management
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