360° Customer Dashboard

Today’s customers reach out to businesses through multiple channels, expecting consistency and seamless engagement. The solution therefore is to have a context-based holistic view of the customer, irrespective of what channel the customer interacts with.

The 360° Customer Dashboard powered by Enliven CEM® Platform carves out a next-generation Omni-channel customer engagement solution, integrating customer’s critical information from disparate data sources such as Operational/Transactional Systems, LMS, Web Analytics, Interactions, and Social Media. This enables us to create a 3-dimensional profile for each customer, which can beviewed by executives. Analytical algorithms run on top of this 3-dimensional profile, enriching the context to set the tone for agents as well as equip them with Next Best Action for engagement. The objective of the 360° Customer Dashboard is for executives to engage each customer coming from multiple channels, increase first call resolution, and decrease average handling time. The 360° Customer Dashboard solution empowers CSRs to serve every customer with the help of advanced analytics to enhance their experience in an omni-channel environment.

  • Unified Customer View
    Single view of all customer data and respective insights, including life cycle stage, customer satisfaction, transaction patterns.
  • Issue Anticipation
    Sophisticated analytics based on transaction and interaction history to proactively predict the reason for the inquiry.
  • Omni-channel Integration
    Integration of data across all interactional and transactional touchpoints to provide a seamless customer experience.

What Benefits?

What Benefits?
  • Reduced AHT
  • Increased FCR
  • Increased CSAT
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